The News.

Well after a number of years of not adding artwork to the site as due to the illness and family matters I have not been able to, I have decided to renew the contract and run for another year.
To say this illness is life limiting is an understatement.The problems I have had with concentration and fine hand coordination have driven me nuts this year, but this has been compensated by looking after grandchildren.I think it is proof that there is still only so much I can achieve each day / week. So am having to rethink and re-assess the illness and it's impact on me, because deep down I still want to produce artwork to sell to benefit others.
The concept of the site hasn't changed, it will continue to be a site to show art, photography and poetry and will attempt to raise funds from the sale of that work got charity.
The desire to make a difference is still a driving force within me in spite of the confining symptoms.
So I will try and produce work to challenge how people think about things, and then hopefully
sell the images to provide support for charities.
We will wait and see
Review of 2008

Well it's taken long enough, but here is the news.
As a result of the exhibitions at Millfield house café gallery last year, we were able to raise £1,500 for charity.
This was as a direct results of the exhibitions, either through the sale of artwork, or through donations as a result of people attending the shows.
The Gallery introduced Gina Pipet, as the first local artist to get involved with the gallery, and she had good feedback about her work.

The charities helped were as follows.
Leaside trust. £1,000.00
Me charities. £500.00   

All the materials used to produce the work and prints were donated, so all of the monies raised went to the good causes.

I would like to thank personally all who attended. It was amazing to see so many old friends and colleagues. Your attendance meant so much to me especially as so much time has passed since our last meeting. The fact that you took the time to come and give support was a real boost.
I would also like to thank Martin Appleby for sponsoring the Ink for all the printing we undertook, an amazing donation.
Finally for all of you who purchased artwork and prints, on the open evenings. Your generosity of spirit is greatly appreciated, and I know the funds raised are going to great causes to continue important work for our community.

The first exhibition Splash at Millfield house had its meet the artist night on Friday 27th February from 5 - 9pm.The exhibition closed on Saturday 28th Feb.

We were showing the work of Gina, and a new artist Ruthie Osbourne.
Gina had a series of large abstracts, based on intricate development of pattern and shape derived from observation.
Ruthie has produced a series of photos which show a great eye for detail and colour.
Gina will be donating 25% from the sale of her work to an MS Charity, as this is a cause close to her families heart.
As this is Ruthie's first show with us we are not expecting her to pledge any of her work.
As for me its been a real challenge to start painting again, so choosing seascapes has helped. For as the ME symptoms have increased due to the increased productivity the work has become increasingly abstract. But it has been fun. I have also produced some numbered poetry /art books, reflecting the work on show. All monies from the sale of my work will be going to the Leaside Trust. An educational charity based in Hackney.
So watch this space and I will try to keep the site more up to date.
Next exhibition is 'ME the bigger Picture', which is showing at Forty Hall Enfield for the whole of May 2009. This will be to raise funds and awareness for charities involved in the management of the illness ME / Chronic Fatigue .
Love and respect to anyone out there managing chronic health, take each day as it comes and take time each day to love yourself.
Steve Craig.