A journey through poetry and art towards an understanding of the chronic illness ME.
All the artwork for this exhibition has been produced in response to the impact the illness Chronic Fatigue / ME has had on me and my family. It is exhibited to try and tell the true story of the reality of the illness, and has been produced as and when the symptoms and pain levels have allowed. The accompanying poetry illustrates the journey I have undertaken whilst I have come to terms with managing the illness on a daily basis for the last ten years and has been written when it was impossible for me to paint or make. This illness effects some 250,000 people in the UK, and currently there is no cure. Some 25% of people with the illness are virtually bedridden.So this story is the voice they dont have. It is hoped that the story it tells will help spread the word of the reality of the illness, as many who suffer have been margianalised by the medics, family, friends and work colleagues. I hope that the work shows that if you have this illness you are not alone. You are not having a mid life crisis and are not in need of psyciachtric intervention. I hope you will also find as I have that if you listen to the quiet voice inside, you will find a way of living within the confines of the illness, and find a way of managing the symptoms in a way that is achievable, to help you move forward with your path in life. All proceeds from the sale of the original work and numbered prints will be spread among the main ME organisations helping to research a cure and educate an unforgiving and relentless public that Yuppie flu is a label that is unjust and is not deserved. My respect to you all and those who help care for you. Steve Craig.