Opening statement for ME the bigger picture exhibition.
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. ME
Alias : Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.CFS. / Post–viral Fatigue.PVF
World Health Organisation
ICD-10 designation of G93.3
States its:
An immunological disorder.
A disease of the central nervous system.
An organic neuroimmune disorder.
Not Yuppie FLU.
Nor a mid life crisis, hypochondria,
psychiatric illness, work-shy, women’s
problems, depression, agoraphobia,
school-refuser, or a middle class disease!

It’s a real chronic illness
Affecting some 250,000 people in this country.
Most of whom have had the above said to them at least once by a doctor, a member of their family,
friends, or work colleagues.
Before, during or after diagnosis.